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Barbados Welcome Stamp

By ~~artAuthor~~ Jan 25, 2021

Barbados Celebrates the Arrival of Welcome stamp Visa Holders to the Island!

Since its launch in July 2020, there has been a huge amount of positive interest in the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp, a visa allowing people from all over the world to live and work remotely in paradise.

Boasting beautiful beaches, warm weather and strong internet connectivity all around the island, it’s no surprise that the Barbados Welcome Stamp Visa has generated such a huge amount of interest and has seen applications from individuals, couples and families from all over the world.

The quality of life for remote workers in Barbados is second to none. The island is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and all-round good vibe, and its people are known for being some of the most welcoming in the Caribbean! Sports on the island are many and varied. Whether you’re into golf, rugby, cricket, tennis, water sports, hiking and more, Barbados has something to offer everyone.

Enjoy the Barbadian way of life and begin your day with a swim in the crystal-clear sea and spend your spare time out and about, exploring the islands incredible scenery, enjoying delicious Bajan cuisine or mingling with the locals at a rum shop.

Paula Heaney, an Irish Welcome stamper says ”I feel super safe on the island and everyone is so friendly. Anyone considering to avail of the 12 month Welcome stamp visa should just do it!. It’s the most amazing thing I have done , I love every day and I just think why be stuck at home with restrictions in place when you could be in Barbados going to the beach everyday after work and surfing whenever you want”. To hear more from Paula Heaney and her remote working in Barbados click here:

Interested persons can apply now at for the opportunity to live and work remotely in paradise!

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