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By ~~artAuthor~~ Jan 27, 2021

Colombia's diversity is all but limited to its landscapes, ecosystems, and natural resources. The identities and cultural expressions the country holds make it a vibrant multicultural nation.

The contrast between colonial architecture and modern cities feels like travelling through time, traditional fairs and festivals transport us to the heart of Colombian identity, and music lets us enjoy the country to the sound of mythical and iconic rhythms. In recent years, Colombia has been gaining ground and consolidating itself as a top destination for the demands of international tourists. Several factors contribute to these clear advances. For instance, we are the second most biodiverse country in the world — the first in bird species —, and we have a rich culture full of colours and flavours for all tastes.

It isn’t by chance that we are known as the country of 1,000 musical rhythms, ranging from vallenato, cumbia and champeta to the singing calls of the great Colombian plains, or our dense and enigmatic Amazon. Traveling through Colombia gives you the chance to enjoy several different experiences in a single country. Each region offers endless possibilities, natural beauties that range from sunbathing on a paradise beach to climbing a mountain so high that people feel like they are touching the sky. Welcome to Colombia, a must-see destination filled with joy, talent, and hospitality.  

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