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Embassy of Peru

By ~~artAuthor~~ Jan 25, 2021

Ranked amongst the top tourist destinations world-wide, Peru is a beautiful country with an endless number of resources to share!

Its geography and history are key to the current appeal of the country to tourists from all different backgrounds. The land of Peru is commonly subdivided into three geographic regions, the luscious jungle, the high mountain range, and the very long coastline. Each region boasts its own climate and its own flora and fauna, together with its distinct cuisine. From the lush humidity of the tropical forests along the Amazon, to the high mountains home to Machu Picchu and the beloved llamas and alpacas, to the dry deserts of the coastal regions and the incredible wildlife of the coastal islands, Peru caters to all interests and expectations.

Peru can also thank its rich past for the cultural heritage it enjoys today. From the Inca people to the European, African and immigrants from all over the world, Peru has been shaped by a variety of cultures who brought wonders to add to the ancient Peruvians’ architecture, the mystery of the Nazca Lines, and the incredibly rich food which can be enjoyed anywhere in the territory.

The role of the Embassy of Peru in Ireland is to maintain and strengthen the relationship between Peru and Ireland and promote everything Peru has to offer to Ireland. The possibilities in Peru are endless. To find out more, visit: or get in touch with this Embassy. 

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