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Far Away Holidays

By ~~artAuthor~~ Dec 14, 2023

Adventure further than ever before and visit far flung destinations you've previously ignored. Maybe you thought they'd be too expensive or too hard to plan. Why not ask the exhibitors below and find out what the real deal is!

Make sure to talk to the following exhibitors at Holiday World Show Dublin from Friday 26th through to Sunday 28th of January in RDS Simmonscourt to make those dreams a reality!


With lots to see and lots to do, Kenya waits for you! Go on a safari, or feel the white sand in your toes as you run into the warm waters. Known for it's beautiful culture, landscapes, wildlife and welcoming people talk with the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya to find out what Kenya has for you!


Cuba is where culture meets nature, society and history to create a vibrant multifaceted holiday with so much to explore.

The Cuba Tourist Board will give you all the information about how and why to plan your visit!

South Africa

Are you ready for endless sunsets, unforgettable wildlife encounters, beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery, and immersive cultural experiences with locals? Plan your adventures in South Africa at the Holiday World Show.


The breadth of experiences available in Ethiopia is unlike anything you'll find in East Africa. The possibilities for adventure are endless and no two routes are the same.

Find out what route to take with Sense of Ethiopia and NewGate Ethiopia Tours


Unique castles, caves, hot springs, folk architecture, the European Dead Sea, a famous Celtic town,  wilderness, and much more await you in Slovakia. Discover hundreds of interesting and unexpected secrets in almost every village, town, and valley which are hard to find anywhere else in the world. 

Ask Slovakia Travel where to find the best kept secrets!

Bohinj Slovenia 

Find the balance between spontaneity and planning a vacation in Bohinj. This municipality in Slovenia has lots of beautiful scenery, snowy landscapes and an impressive range of activities for you to try. Maybe you'll visit the Julian Alps or go snowshoeing!

Speak to Bohinj Slovenina to find out what to try!


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