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Adventure Holidays

By ~~artAuthor~~ Nov 27, 2019

Jump into adventure with an activity packed holiday this year. The Holiday World Show 2020 offers exhibitors the chance to receive advice, knowledge and consultation from hundreds of travel professionals located all across the globe. With the world as our muse, allow the natural environments to make for your perfect adventure playground.

Planning for an adventure holiday will prove to be quite taxing however, with the help of our exhibitors you will earn yourself the most rewarding holiday of all time, exploring the incredible corners of the world.

So for all of you adrenaline junkies, keep reading… things are about to get exciting!

Tucan Travel

Like us, Tucan Travel was founded over 30 years ago! Tucan Travel creates over 200 tailor-made experiences that reach over 78 different countries across 6 continents. Their destinations span across South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East & North Africa, Asia and Antarctica.

Whether you’re a seasoned overseas traveler or making your ‘international debut’, their mission is to help their customers experience the world in an authentic and exciting way. No matter, your age, culture, nation or background, Tucan Travel adventurers all have one key thing in common – an adventurous spirit. 

With something for everyone, don’t fret about not being able to please a wide variety of individuals as Tucan Travel can cater for all including but not limited to: solo travelers, travelling with friends or even a family looking for an adventurous getaway.

Meet local communities, discover new cultures and enjoy an authentic experience travelling around the world.

Check out their blog for amazing blog categories on on Food & Drink Experiences, Festivals, Wildlife Spotting, History & Culture and The Northern Lights. It would be rude not to…

G Adventures

G Adventures offers travelers the experience of authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner with 700 adventures spanning the globe.

G Adventures offers the craving traveler an alternative to the resorts and cruises they were accustomed to, changing the way we experience a holiday and evidently, the face of travel forever.

Travel styles include Classic Tours that will encourage the sweet spot between independent backpacking and organized group tours.

National Geographic Journeys is a collection of unique tours designed to take you deeper into the cultures and habitats of the places we explore. National Geographic Family Journeys are a new installation which allow for adventure-loving families to have a greater hands-on exploration while discovering the world together.

18-to-30 Something’s Tours offer fast-paced and affordable adventures designed for young travelers. While Wellness Tours were designed to recharge the body and nourish the mind. Biking, hiking and multisport are available on the Active Tours.

Rail Tours such as a journey through the Alps allows travelers to feel connected to the world like no technology can achieve. Marine Tours are equipped to suit travelers of all stripes, from experienced cruisers and sailors to landlubbers who’ve never set foot on a boat. Local Living Tours provide an opportunity to unpack once at a central home base whether it is a Tuscan farmhouse or a rustic lodge in the Amazon jungle.

Destinations include Asia, South America, Europe, Central America, North America, Africa, North Africa & Middle East, Oceania and Polar.

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Adventure Holidays
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Jump into adventure with an activity packed holiday this yea...
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